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My name is Paul - IamApropos.

​​I have 17+ years working with and around computers. In college I studied computer science, network engineering, and network security. It has always been a passion of mine to build custom computers and over the years I've helped quite a few people build their own systems.

For over a year now I have spent approximately 5-10 hours each day researching computer parts, prices, reviews, and benchmarks. I make sure to keep up with new prices, reviews, and more to be able to help you pick the "Apropos" parts to best suit your computer build needs. Because prices change daily I do not​​ have a "suggested build" list I build piece together each system for individual needs and budget.

I give one on one personal computer build consultation. I utilize skype and download your motherboard manuals to help make sure all your components are in the correct places and walk you through what you need to do to make sure your build is completed correctly.​

I have helped consult and had the pleasure working with the builders in making sure they get the best builds for the best prices. You can see some of these builds by clicking the Builds Tab.


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