Build Experiences

Zach Kuehls gaming rig "Jinx"

Mr. Kuehl giving IamApropos a shout out: ~ It is always such a great honor and privilege for me when I'm able to work with an IT professional on their computer part lists. Mr. Kuehl was no different, we had a great time as mentioned in his wifes build description spending hours working out the best absolute build for him and her. Thank you again Mr. Kuehl for this...

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Zach Kuehl's wifes computer "Snake Eyes"

I was extremely excited and humbled when mr. Zach Kuehl an IT professional came to me for consultation on the new systems he wanted to build. We had a great time spending hours on Skype discussing every single build option for both this build and his build. Thank you Mr. Kuehl for an awesome experience and for allowing me to share it with everyone else. ~ Now That's What's Up!! ~ Paul (IamApropos...

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Mr. Khang Nguyen's Computer Build!

Mr. Nguyen was an amazing client and it was great fun working with him not only on his parts list but through his iPhone and Skype app. doing a walk through of his computer build. I asked Mr. Nguyen a couple questions if he was willing to share them with others and these are his responses: How did you find IamApropos? Khang Nguyen: "I found IamApropos on pcpartpicker website" How did you feel...

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Chase (Hockeychase) Preston's Build

Chase Preston's Thoughts on his build and experience using IamApropos consultation: " This is my first computer build and before hiring Paul to help me with my build, it all seemed very overwhelming. It took a while to read up and learn about every part that goes into building a PC and I always was unsure about my decisions. I found "IamApropos" on and I saw he said...

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Cadet PVT Max Janszen PC Build

Mr. Janszen wanted to share his experience with all of you and this is what he had to say: "Hello, my name is Max Janszen, and I am a Cadet Private at the New Mexico Military Institute in Roswell at the time of this writing. I met IamApropos(Paul) over the Internet while researching parts on, trying to figure out where to start with this whole computer building process. I had no...

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Jennifer's Purple Storm Computer Build!

Jennifer's thoughts on her experience with IamApropos - "I cannot thank Paul enough for helping me build my first computer! I found Paul through I went to that website to look at other builds and to try to put together my own build. However, when I started exploring it soon became very overwhelming with the sheer number of parts to pick from. I wasn't confident that I was making...

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