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      Whats Up Y'all!!?
      For those of you who don’t know, my name is Paul and for nearly 4 years I've been iamApropos online. To recap a little, in 2007 I became permanently disabled from an aneurysm leaving me with multiple disabilities that changed my life.  For years I had to learn to cope with my new limitations and tried to find something I could do to help people and feel productive. Nearly 4 years ago I started helping people build gaming computers by utilizing skype as I walked people through building their first computers all while broadcasting it onto twitch and uploading it onto youtube.   I quickly learned that I enjoyed broadcasting game play and entertaining people more than helping people build computers.  I had a vision of bringing others together who suffer from social anxiety, depression, or any disabilities that may limit the ability to have a social life.  Gaming helped me get through the most difficult times I've had in my life and helped me cope with my disability and I wanted to help others the same way by bringing them together in a community of gamers.
      Over the last year and a half my health has been degrading permanently as I knew it was going to and its caused me to struggle with my priorities as iamApropos and leader of the AteamGC as well as being a husband, son, brother and nephew.
      With a sad heart and much deliberation I announce I'm officially retiring as iamApropos.
      Not everyone is going to understand why and some won't care but if you'll allow me to explain. I've been struggling for over a year now with my health and living situation as well as depression.  in the last 6 months my health, as most of you know, has degraded changing my living dynamic, changing what I can and can't do.  The battle I've been fighting with is whether or not I can continue as iamApropos.  My love for this community and passion for bringing people together battles with my new inability to have the mental, emotional, and physical strength to do live broadcasts or stress about administering the community. The problem I have is complex as it involves family, health and more.   Because of the degrading health I'm having less and less ability to focus or have the strength needed to do much of daily life let alone anything else.
      I've had to sit down and seriously contemplate my situation. Because of my new limitations, if I do something that takes my energy, strength or focus and depletes it, I'm then unable to do anything else. So because of this I've had to seriously look at what I should prioritize with the limited strength and energy I have.  If I keep stressing about being iamApropos, broadcasting, administering the community I then have to sacrifice my time and responsibilities as a husband, nephew, brother and son. This has me devastated...
      Do I continue doing iamApropos and the AteamGC and have no energy, strength or focus for my family? Or do I use my new limited strength, energy and focus on supporting my wife and family?  I do consider a lot of you my online family but after weighing all my options the latter of using my energy to support my wife and family seems to be the only reasonable and responsible option I currently have and the only option that makes sense to helping me be truly happy instead of feeling like I'm neglecting my wife and family.
      If I keep stressing over things I can no longer do I end up creating a situation I cant fix which spirals me into deep depression as I feel obligated to broadcast and lead the AteamGC. This stress further adds to depleting my limited energy, focus and strength which prevents me from being able to do the things I need to do for my wife and family which I've been neglecting for years now.
      I absolutely love the adventure I've had over the last three and a half years.  You all have helped make it amazing over this time and the friends I've made being iamApropos are priceless to me.  But my smiles, laughs and happy appearance on the outside have been lies to try and force myself to be happy while I suffer from massive depression and force myself to struggle through trying to continue doing this feeling like I'm neglecting my wife and family focusing on my own selfish desires to be an online entertainer and community leader.
      I know some will feel like I'm abandoning them or taking advantage of something or other and I cant apologize enough if I've caused anyone to feel this way. Truly you may never understand how much you all mean to me and how much you've impacted my life. I can honestly say I wouldn't have been able to survive the last three and a half years if it wasn't for each and everyone of you, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you've done for me and for this community.  
      I've spent the last month dreadfully miserable contemplating suicide on multiple occasions. I've had at least 6 emotional break downs completely losing my ability to stay positive and supportive to my family.  I've neglected family responsibilities trying to force myself to do things I no longer can do because I didn't want to let go of iamApropos and the AteamGC.  But reasonably and responsibly for my family, my wife, and for my own peace of mind I need to make a drastic change and re evaluate what I'm doing and what will bring me true joy. Tried telling myself "just hold on and stop stressing about broadcasting or administrating the community until you feel better."  But sadly I cant, and the more I cant the more it stresses me out and that causes my depression to worsen which sends me down a dark hole that causes me to spend even more time away. More time away from not just the community but my wife and family near by.
      I've turned off my gamewisp subscriptions as I did my patreon. I will be leaving the community in the hands of the current admin group, no one person is going to be left in charge and I encourage you to work together with the administrators. They'll be starting a community gamewisp to help cover community expenses.
      I'm truly sorry that I've let this go on for so long giving unfounded hope that I may be able to keep doing iamApropos however I hoped, maybe blindly, and wished I didn't have to make this decision. I've been holding on for so long trying to excuse myself and by doing so I feel I've hurt some of you and I truly hope deep down you understand at least a little of what I'm going through and why I've felt this is the only decision I can come up with in order to find happiness in the miserable state I'm in. For now I can no longer torture myself by stressing over all the responsibilities that come with being iamApropos and leading the community while seeing myself neglect my wife and my family.
      ***The community members still waiting on their plushie abombs, and still want them, can expect them to be shipped by the end of August as they are finished.***
      Again I thank all of you for everything you've done and for all the support you've shown me over the years and I'm sorry for any problems I've caused by this decision. I wish nothing but the best for all of you and hope you find peace, happiness, and joy in what ever you do.  
      With my heart heavy and this being my last post as iamApropos I'll leave you with a final -
      Now that's what's up!!! ~ Paul
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      Community Hype
      During my streams I greatly appreciate everyone who comes to chat and actively participates with the community.  Community hype is my way of showing my appreciation and love for the community.  Most broadcasters do not allow anyone to self promote during their streams in fact most broadcasters will ban you if you promote anything about yourself or any content you might be creating on the internet.  I know for a fact that if it wasn't for the community that actively participates and supports me and my online content I'd wouldn't have a reason to continue. 
      What is community hype?
      At a specific time during the stream I allow active viewers to promote their social media and or online content.
      When is community hype?
      I will announce exactly when community hype starts and only during this time of the stream will self promoting be allowed. 
      What can I post during community hype?
      If you create content on the internet dealing with computers and or gaming you are welcome to post your social media links.  Do NOT spam repeatedly the same link.  I encourage you to provide a small description of your content along with the link. 
      Who is allowed to post and what type of links are allowed during community hype?
      Type of links allowed: 
      Online content creation pages and social media such as Youtube, Twitch, facebook,  twitter, hitbox.
      Type of links not allowed:
      Personal donation and or fund raiser, patreon, paypal, merchandise etailer shops are not allowed. Alternative community websites are also not allowed. If it isn't a content creation page or social media page it most likely isn't allowed.
      Community hype is about bringing awareness to the online content you create and to help the community grow. Together we can help change the normal selfish attitude most communities have so we can grow a giving and thriving community and hopefully attract many more people with similar desires.

      Please do not abuse this privilege or take advantage of my kindness because that will end up ruining it for everyone. 
      Thank you everyone who actively support the community and I can't wait to see you next stream!
      Now Thats Whats Up!!! ~ iamApropos
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      Whats up y'all!!?
      When I think of the AteamGC I try to find more ways for us to unite together and be able to connect with each other easier especially it will benefit the majority for the greater good of the AteamGC.
      Gamevox is great and it has served us well. It will also always be there as I am sponsored with it for life.  However after comparing it to Discord there are a lot of limitations with Gamevox.
      Discord allows more of our community to connect with each other.  I have carefully considered the Pros and Cons of moving from Gamevox to Discord and the Pros far out weigh any of the Cons.
      So by carefully considering the benefit of the majority within the AteamGC I have decided to fully move us to Discord:
      To connect using the above link -
      1. make sure you have a verified email on your discord account.
      2. First connection using that link needs to be done via a browser.
      After you've connected first via a browser you can proceed to connect using Browser / Mobile / Desktop app.
      Be sure to read the rules carefully and abide by them as Admins / Moderators will start strictly enforcing the rules to keep the peace.
      When we need Gamevox as a group it'll be available however starting July 1st 2016 it will be password locked.
      If you have issues with discord / connectivity ect.. please let the admins know as most issues have easy fixes.

      I appreciate everyones support and understanding that this move isn't based on anything negative but rather to encourage bringing more of our community members together. In the last 2 weeks we've seen far more people joining Discord and being active than we'd ever seen in discord.
      If you have any questions please feel free to discuss this move here:
      Now That's What's Up!!!
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      Whats up y'all!!?
      I've been a broadcaster / internet entertainer for going on 4 years.  Over this time period I've learned a lot about what it takes to not only build, grow, maintain and succeed but I've also learned a lot of the does and don'ts.  You might be thinking to yourself "but Paul you never became partnered" and this is true.  I know why I'm not partnered and I can sum it up to inconsistency and inability to keep a steady broadcast schedule.  This will be one of the points I'll cover, schedule and maintaining consistency with it. I wont claim to know everything nor will everything I say be apropos to everyone. I'll cover a few overall key points from schedule, interaction, entertainment and more.
      Is it okay to become a broadcaster in the hopes to building a career out of it? of course but with the amount of competition in the market you'll have to work really hard and need a lot of help getting there. Setting the right expectation of growth, success and having a road map on how to reach your goals as a broadcaster are some ways to keep you focused through the ups, downs and plateaus of growing your channel and brand. Building a solid foundation for your channel is key but more than that is needed. There are people who are just broadcasting for the fun of it and aren't really worried about growing a channel / making a business out of being a broadcaster but I feel my experiences may help even them.  
      There are literally millions of people broadcasting on multiple different platforms every month.  Twitch being the big elephant in the room with beam, hitbox, and youtube among others sites being in the mix.  Don't be fooled thinking you are only competing with those broadcasting on your specific site. Every single broadcaster is competing against each other no matter which site you decide to call home. In my opinion by selecting a site that has lower population of viewership you will fight a harder up hill battle trying to grow your channel but you do so with greater functionality and quality for your show. Just like real-estate location is key unless you are okay with taking the long slow approach and are able to handle the growing pains in exchange for better support and functionality / quality. 
      If you don't have a reason why you are a broadcaster / online entertainer than your viewers wont have a reason to watch you.  Everyone has something special about themselves but not everyone is cut out to be a gaming broadcaster.  Just like not everyone is cut out to be a singer but some of us still enjoy singing from time to time doesn't mean we are the next Adele.
      Contemplate that there are thousands upon thousands of people broadcasting game play in which they just flip a switch and start playing a video game.  They have no theme, they have no reason why they are doing it, and they have no idea how they are going to entertain those who are watching aside from just watching them play a video game.
      No energy, no excitement, and hardly any interaction will result in hardly any viewers. Broadcasters need to be excited that people might come and watch. Show passion for what you are doing and that people are taking time out of their lives to come watch you do it. But you cant force something that isn't natural for you and that is when you have to be realistic and determine whether or not this is something that you can do, that you'll be good at naturally. For the most part nobody wants to watch Eeyore play video games they'd rather watch Tigger. You can have the best setup in audio and video equipment available but you cant purchase or easily learn to naturally be charismatic, passionate or entertaining.
      Most people aren't going to watch someone just play video games unless that person is extremely, and yes I mean EXTREMELY good at the game or they have a lot of charisma, energy and commentary.  There are very few people who have both extremely good game play and can be entertaining.  For most people if they aren't the first then they need to be the later. Ask yourself, what is going to make my broadcast stand out amidst all the other million broadcasters just staring at their game barely ever saying anything to chat?  You can go to twitch and find the most broadcasted game and scroll to the bottom of the list and find literally hundreds of people doing just that so stand out and make a difference!

      Tools of the trade to help you succeed as an online entertainer gaming broadcaster that can work on any website you choose to deliver your show to.
       Pick a realistic schedule you can keep so people can plan ahead to watch you.
       Get some generic buttons for the bottom of your show for your social media, build specs, rules and information needed for viewers.
       *(Do not only throw up a donation button and call it good it'll be taken in poor taste)
       Decide on what your shows theme will be.  example is @BroBQhttp://www.twitch.tv/BroBQ his theme is meat BBQ sizzling meat.
       Figure out your alert interactions for follows, hosts, raids, tips aka donations. Example is how I react to every follow while I'm live.
       "Thank you for that follow welcome to the ateam gaming community, that is what we call ourselves around here and they are going to DROP ABOMBS IN CHAT to welcome you to the  community!"
       Use a bot to help with announcements a good starter bot is Nightbot or Branebot.
       Do not focus on follower count because the only thing that matters are those who are watching when you are live. Follower count is pointless in my opinion.
       Do not watch the viewer count when you are live you should focus on gaming commentary and interacting with those typing in chat. Just because nobody is chatting doesn't mean they  aren't watching / lurking.
      The quicker you can set a consistent schedule for your broadcast the better. People want to know ahead of time when you'll be live so they can plan for it.  I've learned this the hard way because of my limitations I cant keep my schedule most of the time but I do have one so people know the possible times I'll be live.  Someone to look at as a great example for this is http://www.twitch.tv/LibrizziLoL among other things his schedule is stable and consistent.
      A good bit of advice that http://www.twitter.com/PrettyPh3nom gave on getting use to constantly commentating during your show when chat is dead is to use your bot. Give your bot timers to say things to you. Have your bot ask you vague questions about what you are doing or why you are doing it.   This will get you use to constantly talking about what it is you are doing and why you are doing it in game.  This is what some call the "Big Caster Mode" because if you go watch big casters such as Gassy Mexican or Man vs Game when they have upwards of 1k+ viewers and their chat is flying by. Those casters are barely interacting with chat but they are constantly commentating on what is going on, what they are doing and why they are doing it along with their alert interactions.
      One of the biggest don'ts is do not go into other communities and poach to build your community. No matter how much you may shout out that other community nobody will consider it cross promotion, rather they'll consider it poaching and you'll burn bridges causing animosity between you and other broadcasters. If you do visit other communities become part of them and enjoy what they have built. Trust me they'll notice you are a broadcaster without you having to say a word or shamelessly self promoting. You'll be more respected for this than the temporary small growth poaching and shameless self promoting may bring. Gaining the respect and trust of other broadcasters and their communities can pay off tremendously in the long run by raids and shout outs. To top it off you'll make friends and valued alliances.
      While growing your channel interaction with chat is paramount.  Seconds to viewers is equal to minutes and the longer you go without responding to chat the more those precious seconds turn into new viewers walking away from your channel and never returning.  I've found that practicing looking at chat every 10-15 seconds is the perfect time to be able to grab key things from chat and begin bantering. Once you've began bantering on one comment keep checking to see if you can pick up another topic to discuss to continue the flow once you've finished the first topic.
      Use this time growing your channel to practice and hone your skills as a broadcaster.  Practice commentary and get accustomed to talking when there is nobody to talk to. Take this time to become the broadcaster / entertainer you want everyone to watch and start broadcasting as if nobody is there but yet thousands are watching and wanting to see what you do next and hear what you say next.  Give people a reason as to why they should watch your show and make them feel like they are part of something special when they are in your chat.  Don't for a second think just because nobody is chatting that they aren't watching and listening and learn to cherish the lurker because sometimes they are more valuable than anyone typing in chat.
      Strive to improve what you do as a broadcaster every time you go live and dont be afraid to ask other broadcasters for advice because most of us know how difficult the road is to becoming an online gaming broadcast entertainer.
      Another great read on this topic is by @KodeTen here: http://iamapropos.com/index.php?/forums/topic/126-kodetens-living-notebook-streaming-tips-tactics/

      I love entertaining people with my gaming broadcasts and I hope to help others by sharing my experiences.
      Now That's What's Up!!!
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      I'm starting this off with the last booth I was able to visit while I was attending PAX South 2016. I wanted you all to see what I experienced because what CybertronPC had on display left me breathless and their enthusiasm as well as their passion for their company and products inspired me.
      So what I'm going to do is show off some of the pictures we took at the booth to give you a teaser of what we saw and hopefully follow up soon with the video showing off each product a little better.

      Here is the CLX systems we saw at the PAX South 2016 CybertronPC booth:

      Pictures and video dont do these amazing looking systems justice as seeing them in person was quite the experience.
      I can't thank CybertronPC enough for taking the time to talk with me and allow me to show off their amazing products with all of you.
      If you'd like more information about these systems go here:
      Follow Cybertron PC on twitter:
      Stay tuned for my video experience at the PAX South 2016 Cybertron booth!
      Now That's What's Up!!! ~ Paul 

      My coverage of PAX South 2016 was made possible thanks to Monoprice

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      iamApropos live broadcast schedule and information on the Ateam Gaming Community
      The tentative stream schedule (Central Time Zone): This will be updated from time to time on the websites calendar too Thursday 7-10pm - Thursdays show is a solo queue show in which iamApropos plays some form of Call of Duty or single player game.    Friday 7-10pm  -   T.G.I.F. Gaming with Friends Friday!!!  You are welcome to come play games with iamApropos while the actions live on twitch!
      Random during the day streams may occur while:  "While Wifey is at college away the husband will play - GAMES!"  
      Saturday 7-10pm   Sloshed Saturday is an adult oriented show in which those of 21+ age who wish to participate may join iamApropos in GameVox and play video games during the live show.   Sunday 7-10pm Sunday Funday with my honey Kaaipucca and the #AteamGC laid back live show in which wifey picks the games we play together!  
      (Schedule and theme may change at any given time so please keep up to date by following on twitter @iamApropos)
      What is the Ateam Gaming Community?
      My online name being iamApropos based on the word Apropos and that I named my community, OUR community the A-team!
      Why does everyone spam ABOMB in chat?
      Since we are the "A"team Gaming Community "dropping Abombs in chat" is a way to show A little excitement! get it A little teehee
      It has also become our community icon as well as plushies are made in the abomb shape for community members.
      Ways in which Abomb is acceptable:
      When welcoming a new follower of the stream / member into the Ateam Gaming Community
      If something really awesome is announced.
      When someone orders a Treat from Treatstream.
      When donations happen.
      If you want to express your excitement and give props to something really cool that just happened in the game being played.
      If you are visiting another streamer on behalf of the community let them know we send our Abombs!
      These are great examples of when dropping Abombs might be acceptable.  By the way you could also type KAPOW all caps along side your Abombs to show even more enthusiasm and excitement!
      We have custom community chat icons available all you have to do is download http://www.frankerfacez.com and it'll allow you to use them!
      What is Community Hype?
      Community Hype is my way of giving back to the Ateam Gaming Community by giving a specific time during my stream in which I allow and encourage self promotion.  Here is an explanation of Community Hype and its rules on how to participate: 
      ~ Now That's What's Up!!!
      Paul - iamApropos
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