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    • Monoprice Hi-Fi Over the ear headphone review
      By iamApropos in iamApropos 3
      What's Up Y'all!!?
      This is my review of the Monoprice Hi Fi over the ear headphones.
      Review contents -
      Intropackagingbuild qualitycomfortsound before and after burn in40+ hours of music / gamingpros / cons ConclusionIntro - 
      Monoprice provided the Hi-Fi over the ear headphones free for review purposes. The headphones can be found on the Monoprice website here: http://www.monoprice.com/Product?p_id=12230
      When I received the headphones and after unboxing them I did a 2 hour comfort test in which I wear the headphones without listening to anything for 2 hours. 
      After this I proceeded to listen to music for 4hours, followed with overnight burn in with pink noise, then another 4 hours of listening to music.  The following week after receiving the headphones I wore them listening to music, movies, or playing video games for approximately 10 hours a day.  During this review I will cover the packaging, build quality, comfort, and sound before and after the burn in, discuss my experience with over 50 hours of audio, pros and cons and last but not least my conclusion. So let’s get started.
      The outside of the box shows an actual size photo of the headphones. The art isn't too aggressive and highlights key features with emphasis on Hi-Fi. Opening the box you fix you find a plastic shell holding a hard case with the headphones inside of it. No paper work included. I was pleasantly surprised that the headphones were in their own hard case which has a good quality feel to it. Opening the zipper to reveal the headphones and cable.
      Build Quality
      The headphones are built really well and feel sturdy. The majority of this headphone is covered with soft touch rubberized plastic with chrome accents at the swivels. The ear pads are extremely nice and feel like they are constructed with memory foam. The ear pads can be easily removed to reveal the 40mm speakers. The build quality of the headphones has a slight plastic feel but they do not feel fragile or cheap.
      First thing I did when I received these headphones is put them on and wear them for up to 2 hours without listening to anything. I do this so that I'm not distracted by what I'm listening to and can determine the comfort of the headphones.  I was able to wear these headphones for 2 hours without any discomfort. The following 5 days these were so comfortable I wore them for at least 10 hours a day for my music, movies, playing video games and making phone calls. I do have smaller than average ears and found the ear pads barely fit right around them however I had my wife test the fit and she said parts of the ear pads sit on her ear. Nonetheless these are very comfortable and everyone I had try the headphones on agreed they were incredibly comfortable. The one downside I had with the ear pads aside from being a little on the small side is possibly a personal problem; I tend to overheat easily therefore the leather ear pads would stick to my skin.  As long as I stayed cool I didn't have any issues with the ear pads.
      Sound before & after burn in
      I listened to a wide range of music which includes RAP, Classical, POP and country for 4 hours before letting the headphones play pink noise at nearly full volume overnight.  The first 4 hours listening the headphones had a wide sound stage with very clear bright almost shrill highs. The midrange is not muddy but the bass seemed to not have punch at times. After doing the overnight burn in, I listened to the same arrangement of music again for 4 hours. I noticed a small change with the highs, they weren't as shrill and the midrange seemed a little warmer though the bass was full it didn't however have a deep kick with some genres. The clarity and range of these headphones is remarkable. When listening to certain music you can hear clear separation of instruments, arrangements and in some instances they allowed me to hear audio that some of my other headphones didn't pick up.  Overnight burn in with pink noise helped mellow these headphones out on the highs.
      40+ hours of music and gaming
      The sound isolation is remarkable with these headphone. I was able to test the sound isolation during my wife’s first 2 days of college the college had a DJ playing music loudly in the Cafeteria, putting these headphones on blocked out the majority of the music being played by the DJ.  I listened to my music without any intrusion of the other music being played around me.
      I wanted to make sure I got a good amount of time wearing these headphones for all types of listening activity to provide the best review I could.  The music I listened varied from Les Miserables, Phantom of the Opera to 50 cent, Eminem all the way to Pop and Country.  The listening experience was more than enjoyable as I found myself not missing my more expensive headphones I have available.   Gaming with these headphones I played Battlefield 4, Brawlhalla, Guild Wars 2 and a few others. The headphones provided a great open sound stage which allowed me to accurately pin point audio within games and hunt down my opponents.  Making a phone call with the headphones using the build in mic on the cable my voice came through clearly.  The cable has plus minus pause and play buttons. The pause play button do as intended and if you double tap that button it also forwards to the next track.  This was very nice when I didn't want to reach for the device.
      Pros and cons:
      Build Quality
      Sound Quality
      Hard case
      Nit picking if anything the ear pads barely fit around my smaller than average ears for everyone else I had try on the headphones they said the ear pads sat on the tops or bottom of the ear.
      These headphones feel high quality, sound high quality and being focused towards hand held devices it went above and beyond. They are so comfortable I could use them for 10+ hours a day doing a wide variety of things from listening to music to being enjoyed while being used for gaming on my PC too. I'd love to see Monoprice offer aftermarket larger or alternative replacement ear pads such as Velor.
      Let me know what you thought of this blog review and join in the discussion about headphones on the forums here: http://iamapropos.com/index.php?/forums/topic/30-headphones-headsets/

      See you on the forums.
      Now that's what's up!!!

    • Now That's What's Up Community Challenge!
      By iamApropos in iamApropos 0
      What's Up Y'all!!?
      On July 6th 2015 I announced a community challenge on facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/notes/iamapropos/the-now-thats-whats-up-community-challenge/943438099048346
      In which Ateam Gaming Community members could enter a chance to win their very own iamApropos plushie Abomb.
      All they had to do was record themselves saying "This is (insert twitch name) Now That's What's Up!!!" email the appropriate details and hope to be chosen.

      The plushies are hand made by my family so they take a long time to produce.  The rarity of these plushies are why I do not have them for sale plus I want people who can't afford to purchase them to have a chance at getting one.  This in my opinion allows everyone equal oppurtunity to win their very own iamApropos plushie abomb.  There are a few set backs because all expenditures are out of my own pocket and or helped funded by donations I have had to limit most physical giveaways to North America unless upon entering participates explicitly imply they will cover shipping costs.

      Some who entered didn't provide the needed "This is (Insert Name)" though their recording is appreciated it can't be used. Others had profanity in their recording and because of that it can't be used either.  Sadly I didn't for see needing to imply more rules than needed but I'll make sure to do so next time.   

      Back to the challenge at hand.  I've already started picking the 4 finalist and will begin using their recordings immediately as well as letting everyone know on social media who the finalist are. The first finalist to be chosen is Nic aka @coconutMNKY on twitter with this entry:

      I still need to choose 3 more finalist and then begin figuring out which one of the 4 will win the grande prize coveted rare hand made iamApropos Plushie Abomb!

      Do not worry if you missed out on this challenge and you want to have a chance at getting your hands on your own plushie abomb. There are many different ways to obtain one.
      One easy way to be considered to win a plushie abomb is by actively watching my live shows on http://www.twitch.tv/iamApropos being prepared to blow up chat with KAPOW Abomb KAPOW any time called to action to do so.

      Finding me at a public live event such as PAX South and or any other live event I may be attending just make sure you are following me on twitter http://www.twitter.com/iamApropos for updates on where when and how you may be able to meet me in person and get your hands on a plushie abomb!  Keep your eye on the calender here on the website for more updates too!

      If you have any questions about this topic please join the discussion on the forums here: http://iamapropos.com/index.php?/forums/topic/7-now-thats-whats-up-community-challenge/

      Now That's What's Up!!! - Paul ~ iamApropos
    • The story behind the Abomb
      By iamApropos in iamApropos 0
      What's Up Y'all!!?
      New people to my twitch chat or just to our community may have absolutely no idea what Abomb means to us.  Lets start by looking at my online name iamApropos the root word in the name is apropos which is an French derived English word that means: 
      a. with reference to; concerning.
      b. very appropriate to a particular situation.
      Now I use to shake figerative pompoms while I supported people in their chat or on youtube comments but one day while I was streaming I saw chat just going crazy when I began to get a lot of new followers aka a follower train.  This reminded me of when someone would get a lot of text messages or phone calls and people would say "My cell is blowing up" So I began to say blow chat up and it just evolved into blowing it up with Apropos Bombs ABOMBS!  This become such a great way for chat to show their excitement for what is going on in the stream as well as welcoming new members to the community that it spilled over to other places on the internet.  We'd see members from the AteamGC in someone elses chat and we'd KAPOW Abomb KAPOW each other to show excitement that we were there together.
      My wife came up with the idea to take it a step further and came up with the idea of making me a Plushie iamApropos Abomb that I can use to shake around on screen during my stream welcoming new members who follow or to show excitement if something awesome happened.  
      So now you know KAPOW Abomb KAPOW is a way to blow up comments / chat or show excitement in a tweet with other AteamGC members.  
      You may ask yourself "Well how do I get my hands on a plushie abomb?" 
      Since they are hand made by my family they are very rare and very time consuming to make therefor I do not have them for sale. However for a chance to win one all you need to do is actively watch my live stream.  That is if I'm live otherwise just be active with me on social media and hangout / utilize our gamevox voice server and you never know you may be surprised one day with a DM asking for your mailing address.
      If you have any questions about Abomb's or our use of the Abomb icons which we have available by using http://www.frankerfacez.com please feel free to email me at iamApropos@gmail.com
      For now prepare your Abomb's and next time you see each other online blow it up!

      Now That's What's Up!!! - Paul ~ iamApropos
    • Meet and Greets
      By iamApropos in iamApropos 0
      What's Up Y'all!!?
      Some of you may not know how much I love the #AteamGC Ateam Gaming Community.  Y'all have really changed my life and have motivated me to do more than I ever thought was possible.  When times have gotten rough for me you've all been extremely supportive and I really can't be more appreciative.    
      Today for example @MaxCFM came all the way to San Antonio just to have lunch with me.  He's always been very supportive and extremely friendly.   I was worried that my health was going to prevent me from being able to meet with him.  Thankfully I was able to pull it together and it truly was an honor and deeply humbling to meet such a wonderful person.  
      Thank you for lunch and for the privilege of being able to call you a friend Max!
      Even though he didn't need to bring me anything, we traded gifts and this is a video of me unboxing what he surprised me with during our lunch: https://youtu.be/T9N0GyvDvqk
      I honestly hope I get the chance to meet more of you in person and can't wait until we see each other on social media or in chat on youtube or twitch dropping those #AbombKAPOW !
      Now That's What's Up!!! Paul - iamApropos

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